Why a City Retirement Village Could Be The Best Choice For You

Enjoying retirement living doesn't have to mean you have to move to a deserted beach or a village across the country. If you enjoy the energy of a metropolis, there are actually many city-based retirement villages in Australia to choose from, and these benefits could be perfect for you.

You can walk anywhere, or take a bus

Even when you're living in a retirement community packed with activities, you'll still want to get out and about sometimes. Of course, if you suffer from age-related mobility issues, getting around independently in the countryside can be difficult. Since most cities are known to offer a variety of public transport, you'll have plenty of options for getting around town without having to walk long distances. Of course, if you can walk without pain or discomfort, it's always a good idea to get some fresh air. For those who don't mind a busy street, city retirement living options have plenty of highly walkable areas that benefit your body and your mind in multiple ways.

Smaller homes require less maintenance

As lovely as a big house with a big garden sounds, not every retiree wants to deal with the time and physical strain required to keep a large space in shape. Cities are known to offer cosier, smaller homes that are perfect for retirement living. A smaller house with a smaller backyard doesn't only mean less maintenance but also lower overall costs and higher energy efficiency. Plus, a smaller house is also easier to make your own; it will never feel empty or uncomfortable, even without numerous trinkets.

Everything you need is at your door

Everything you need to make retirement living easy and comfortable is right on your doorstep in big cities. Communities are more tight-knit, and most services are a short walk away. If you have a lot of age-related health concerns, being able to walk or catch a bus to your health specialists will be a huge benefit of city retirement living. Amenities like entertainment, restaurants, parks and fun events are also aplenty in metropolitan areas, enhancing your retirement experience.

You don't need to leave your friends and family

One of the hardest parts about retiring to a village is leaving your close community of friends and family, but city retirement complexes avoid that. If you stay in your own city, you can see your friends and family as much as you'd like. You won't need to spend months (or even years) lonely as you forge relationships in a new area. While some retirees want to leaving it all behind and start fresh, city retirement villages are proof that it's not an essential for everyone.