What you can expect in active adult communities during the new decade

Retirement villages and communities need to be as dynamic as the residents they house. But many retirement locations are not evolving as quickly as the preferences and lifestyles of seniors. Indeed, some are trapped in the past, only suitable for those of poor health and little interest in an active lifestyle. Active adult communities are the new type of senior living options that have evolved with the times. These communities are designed to offer residents an exciting experience that turns retirement into joyful glory days.

In an active retirement community, residents get to experience many different activities that promote health and wellness. From early morning yoga classes to afternoon massages, active adult communities are tailored to host seniors who have a lifestyle that's suited for 2020 and beyond.   

What are active adult communities?

You can think of an active adult community as a senior living experience that's meant to keep residents active. Years of research have revealed that seniors who engage in healthy and productive activities are more likely to enjoy their retirement years.

Active adult communities are designed to promote such a lifestyle in many ways. From pairing you with the right residents to helping you design a schedule that suits your needs, an active adult community is a valuable experience that can prolong and breathe life into retirement.

Amenities and lifestyle

Active adult communities aren't new, as there are many locations across the country offering amenities and activities for seniors. However, these activities need to evolve every so often — and 2020 is a great time to make some changes. This new decade has resulted in many active adult communities introducing futuristic experiences and services for their residents.

Here's what you can expect if you join one of these communities:  

•    Better activities to keep you moving

Jogging paths and gyms are standard in most retirement villages. However, active adult communities are introducing more practical ways for residents to make best the use of these amenities. From Pilates classes that strengthen the back muscles to combined massage therapy and exercises that build endurance, the community is becoming more involved in your workout routines and how you can make your body healthier at an advanced age.

•    More time to match you with seniors who fit your lifestyle

Over the years, active adult communities have realised that seniors who share interests, goals and other values are more likely to enjoy a healthier experience. This is why such communities are finding more innovative ways of matching seniors to the best environment available.

•    Affordability

As cost continues to be a top concern for retiring seniors, active adult communities are designing a wide range of financing options to help residents shoulder the burden. From predictive cost models to affordable financing packages, the goal is to make cost less of a barrier for seniors.

To learn more about retirement living, consult a resource in your area.